Only 1 day into the project with no real painting done & I already rate Tony & his crew from Got it Covered Painting with 5 stars. Our walls were a mess, cheap contractor from when this house was built. They worked all day leveling the walls and waited for me to come home to make sure that I was satisfied, it seems silly that this could make me so emotional…but I just wanted to make my girls’ bathroom nice for them, they have exceeded my expectations already. The honesty & sincerity they portray is amazing. If you only knew, I grew up with nothing, was homeless at one point in my life and even when we as a family moved into this home, we have done things little by little, we lived without floors & did a lot of the work ourselves-I wish I had found this company many years ago-it would have saved me a lot of heartache. They are specialists at what they do and I cannot wait to post the after pictures. I know the end result is going to be amazing. I pray blessings of prosperity on this business & may they succeed in whatever they do. I highly recommend them & will be calling them back for other projects as we are able. Thank you Tony & crew, Job well done!